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LTTA Junior and Adult Tennis Ladders

Want to play some competitive tennis this summer? LTTA's tennis ladders are ready to serve up some local tennis fun!

LTTA Junior and Adult Tennis Ladders
LTTA Junior and Adult Tennis Ladders

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

LT-Area Courts

About the Event

In an effort to offer additional competitive play opportunities, LTTA has launched a new challenge ladder program for juniors and adults.  Play will take place through September 1, 2024

Adult Doubles

  • Adult Mixed Doubles 7.0  
  • Adult Mixed Doubles 8.0  
  • Adult Mixed Doubles 9.0  
  • Adult Women's Doubles  
  • Adult Men's Doubles

Adult Singles

  • Adult Men's Singles
  • Adult Women's Singles

Junior Singles

  • Junior 12U Green Ball Singles  
  • Junior 18U Yellow Ball Singles  


  • When you challenge a player or doubles team on the ladder, you coordinate with the other team to decide on a date, time, and location for the match.
  • The ladder is set up with a "leapfrog" format, so if you beat a team that is higher on the ladder, you take their spot.
  • Your initial position on the ladder will be determined by your rating and when you register.
  • For doubles, your partner must be registered so you can include them as your partner, but you can add them later if they aren’t registered when you register.
  • For doubles, you keep the same partner for the season.
  • The doubles ladders have a maximum combined rating for the team. For example, the 7.0 ladder team can have a combined rating no higher than 7.0. So, two 3.5s can be on a team, but you could also have a 4.0 and a 3.0. You can have a combined rating that is below 7.0, so a 3.5 and 3.0 can be a team. There are also ladders for combined 8.0 and 9.0 for higher-level players.


1. Go to and register.

2. Select "Leagues" on the left side of the page.

3. Select "Lake Travis Tennis Association Ladder League"

4. Scroll down to "League Ladders" and select the ladder you want to sign up for.

5. From the "Ladder Menu" on the right, select "sign up."

6. You can select "Details" to view the ladder rules.

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