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Kids learn about sportsmanship at LTTA Team Challenge event

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

The colder weather didn't hinder play at LTTA's second October Team Challenge event, held Friday at Bee Cave Middle School.

Designed to encourage players to stay engaged through a team experience, Team Challenge introduces kids to tennis competition in a low-pressure team environment. Children have the opportunity to develop their skills through level-based play, without an emphasis on instruction or results.

"The program highlights teamwork and skill development in a fun, social environment," explained Coach Ray Chin, who is leading the series. "The team-based October events, which have a new theme each week, help keep young players active, learning and focused."

Friday's theme was sportsmanship. Bob Haugen, former tennis coach at the University of

Texas, was on hand to teach the kids about the importance of good sportsmanship in tennis.

After some warm-up rallys, the kids divided into groups and got their feet moving through a game of Tag.

The Team Challenge curriculum incorporates fun games, including Tag, to keep kids active and engaged.

They then had a chance to hone their tennis and sportsmanship skills by competing on teams in a series of matches, using modified, size-appropriate courts, racquets and balls.

"For many of these kids, the Team Challenge is their first experience playing tennis," explained Chin. "The modified equipment makes it easier for them to learn and have fun."

During the match play, kids kept track of their points by putting colored clothes pins on the nets.

Photos from the event can be found in the gallery below. For more information on Team Challenge and other LTTA events, please visit our Events page.

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