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LTTA announces Junior Tennis Council

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The Lake Travis Tennis Association recently announced the formation of a Junior Tennis Council. The group is designed to provide a link between LTTA and junior players in the community. The Council is comprised of young leaders from the Lake Travis area who will represent the voices of Lake Travis area tennis youth.

“We believe that this group of junior athletes are smart and capable,” said Richard Evans, president of LTTA. “By giving them a stake in their local Community Tennis Association, they are investing in their community.

Junior Tennis Council members, Kerry Lum and Jacqueline Creel

Candidates submitted applications during the month of March and were appointed last week by the LTTA board of directors. The board selected players who felt like their lives had been strongly impacted by the sport of tennis and who expressed a strong interest in giving back to their community.

The 2020-2021 LTTA Junior Tennis Council members include: Anmay Devaraj, Anna Thornton, Frank Myers, Jacqueline Creel, Kerry Lum, Luca Fischer, Taylor Johnson, William Wang and Carter White.

The board appointed Lake Travis High School junior Carter White as the council chair. He will represent the Council at regular LTTA board of director meetings.

“Tennis has and continues to impact my life in a very positive way,” said White. “I look forward to working with the Council to identify additional ways that LTTA can serve the youth in our community.”

Junior Tennis Council Chair, Carter White

The group will meet regularly to communicate ideas and suggestions. They will also serve as volunteers at LTTA events.

"LTTA remains committed to the development of leaders both on and off the court," said Evans. “We congratulate and welcome the members of the Council.”

For more information on the LTTA Junior Tennis Council, please visit the JTC page of the LTTA website.

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