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Bonus Middle School Clinic held at BCMS

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Last Sunday, LTTA offered a bonus middle school tennis clinic at BCMS. The program was available to children in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

The clinic was coached by longtime tennis coach, Bob Haugen, who brings with him decades of tennis coaching experience. He served as the Assistant Women’s Tennis Coach for The University of Texas from 1983-1990 and the Director of Instruction/Tennis Coordinator for school's Department of Kinesiology from 1983-2013. More recently, he has coached at Washington University, St. Louis, St. Stephen’s High School, St. Stephen’s Tennis Academy and Arlington Tennis Center.

LTTA has taken care to have COVID protocols in place at the clinics. All of the instructors wear masks and participants maintain a distance of six feet between one another. Hand sanitizer is readily available.

“Tennis is a low-risk sport in terms of COVID, and we are able to have good programs in this environment,” said Richard Evans, president of LTTA. “Many of the kids haven't been in school since they were shut down, so there is an added need for socialization and sports activities.”

For more information on LTTA programs, visit the Events page. For photos from the event, please see the gallery below.

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