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LTTA finishes October with two additional clinics

LTTA hosted two events this past week - a Family Play Day in the Lake Pointe neighborhood on Sunday, October 20 and the final October Team Challenge on Friday, October 25 at Bee Cave Middle School.

The Lake Pointe Family Play Day was led by LTTA volunteer and longtime tennis coach, Bob Haugen, who served as the Assistant Women’s Tennis Coach for The University of Texas from 1983-1990 and the Director of Instruction/Tennis Coordinator for school's Department of Kinesiology from 1983-2013.

Bob encourages each child to bring a participating parent to his events. "If a parent has never played tennis, they can learn the basics with their child and continue to play and practice together in the appropriate way," he explained.

The event, which was held on the neighborhood's private tennis court, started out with some basic fundamentals of tennis and concluded with some fun drills and games.

The fourth October Team Challenge was led by Coach Ray Chin. Despite the cold and windy conditions, the kids were eager to participate and learn in the final installment of the series.

Each of the Team Challenge events has a character theme. This week's theme was LISTENING. Coach Chin and the kids discussed ways they could show they were listening to another person.

For the Athletic Development portion of the event, the kids divided up into teams and had relay races that emphasized footwork.

The event concluded with match play. They kids competed on teams in a series of matches, using modified, size-appropriate courts, racquets and balls.

For more information about future LTTA events, please visit our Events page.

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